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The Full Story

About Us

We are a locally owned cocktail bar located in the Uplands, Swansea. We are passionate about making delicious cocktails and creating an atmosphere that encourages people to have fun and let their hair down. Our dancefloor is like no other in the Uplands and our resident DJs work closely with our Bookshop Team to ensure the best spot for dancing and drinking in Swansea.  


Why Bookshop?
"Where are the books?"

Our name was chosen as homage to the building that used to be Uplands Bookshop. In 2018 we renovated and converted the space into an eclectic Cocktail Bar and RnB nightclub. 

Our Mission

The whole team at Bookshop are dedicated to providing safe nightlife experiences. We have a passion for delivering an exceptional nightlife venue which we aim to achieve through delicious, eye-catching cocktails and a fun, inclusive dancefloor. 


Ffion Saunders,

Private Party Booking

"Was such a lovely party, thankyou to your lovely staff and beautiful venue."

Nia Hopson, 
Private Party Booking

"Can’t recommend the bookshop enough. Hired the upstairs for a large party. It was so well organised. Great atmosphere. Thank you and will definitely be coming again."

Mark Jervis,

General Booking

"Great atmosphere and brilliant bar staff!"
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